Saturday, July 11, 2015

County Fair

Thanks for coming back - 
even though I've been missing in action.

Words would have gotten in the way of all that's in my head and heart these days;
I clearly needed some days of running silent and deep.

But this weekend, 
I realized what I also needed was a mini road trip
and the chance to do some exploring.

Luckily for me,
I can drive 1 hour 
in any direction 
and be completely away from urban streets
in another world.

Seeing another way of living 
in a quiet, quaint town
at their small county Fair

 I WAS fantasizing about owning chickens -
until this guy gave me the stink eye!
Free kittens were heart tuggers 
but ultimately resistible.
The rain of the past few weeks was nowhere to be seen 
but left in its wake was oppressive heat and humidity 
that had all of us seeking relief 
wherever we could find it!

We arrived in time to see the cattle judging -

and that was enough.
We left for a more natural habitat
for us  - 

 and imagining lives behind different doors.

I loved seeing creativity that demands to be expressed

 and there's nothing like poking around in antique stores 
to give my spirit a lift.
Even if the biggest splurge of the day was the $5.00 
I spent on felt and crocheted vegetables!
I mean, come on ...
the cauliflower alone is worth THAT!

Don't even ask what I'm going to do with them -
beyond displaying them on the dining room table for awhile - 
before giving them to the preschool at church 
for the kids to play with!
A perfect day of not jumping through anyones hoops
but mine!
I needed that!

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