Thursday, August 13, 2015

Come up and see my Etchings.

Dog 'etchings' were apparently popular back in the 30's.
My relatives and I must have seen at least 20 of them this weekend 
while antiquing in Chicago.

Among them was the one I have which reminds me of my beloved, Jack.
 My brother in law and his wife were looking for one of a spaniel,
similar to their new puppy.
but didn't have any luck finding one.

So I made sure I got a picture of their dog, Lila,
and, while I'm no artist,
I have an app for that!

 I also tried the app for their cat, Lily.
(Yeah, I know ... 
not too original in their choice of names 
and they, as well as the rest of us, 
get them confused all the time!
What can I say?)

I'll keep playing and experimenting
but I suspect one of these options 
will end up being a Christmas present!
Might even try printing them on parchment paper 
for an aged effect.

Next up?
Trying the apps that make them look like paintings!

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