Saturday, August 1, 2015

July Photo Challenge

The rest of the month:

Day 13: birds eye view

Day 14:
favorite time of the day - coming home

Day 15: catch lights

Day 16: wild card

Day 17: summer tradition
Rosebud Fair

Day 18: trail -
because no other trail will ever change me as much as the Camino

Day 19: shadow
apparently I'd have to be 9 feet tall to weigh what I do!

Day 20: rule of thirds

Day 21: rough -
the ladder which has helped me paint rooms in numerous houses
since 1971

Day 22: July attire -
because nothing says summer (or fall, spring and winter)
like tie dye!

Day 23: negative space

Day 24: cool
because playing with toys AND food is very cool!

Day 25: sharp
an emerging coneflower looks almost serrated.

Day 26: purple

Day 27: in the garden

Day 28: posed portrait

Day 29: summer treat
a Cardinals game

Day 30: childhood

Day 31: just me

I'm going to miss this daily practice -
even if I cheated and used a few images I had taken a while ago.

Might have to design my own photo challenge for fall!
I DO love my camera(s).

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