Sunday, November 22, 2015

A new chapter begins

It's a lesson I thought I had already learned;
apparently the Universe thought
I needed another tutorial.

The power of a single word 
to change the trajectory of my life.


as in
"Will you marry me?"
from the love of my young life
"Will you quit your job and trust me?"
from God
"Will you come back to work 
and be a voice for wounded children again
in a new way?"
from a beloved colleague

as in
"I want a _______."
Suddenly the future I'd envisioned
for myself and my children 
went up in smoke
and I watched in stunned silence
as it vanished,
 though I couldn't see clearly 
through all my tears.

as in,
"I'm so sorry to tell you, 
but you have ______."

Suddenly all the seemingly disparate symptoms
that have plagued for months,
(years, actually)
made sense
and the feeling of foreboding
I've lived with for weeks
wasn't merely paranoia 
but precognition;

my true self 
giving advance warning,
laying the ground work
to enable the hearing

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