Wednesday, November 25, 2015


My children have always known I’ve had feet of clay; 
I've never pretended to be perfect.

They were protected however 
from knowing exactly how close to the edge 
those feet of clay got 
on any given day,
or how precarious the ground was 
under my feet.

For those of you who haven’t parented solo,
there’s a lot we single moms protect our kids from knowing.

I tried to convey I was in control,
that I could handle 
whatever they - or the world -
threw at me.

I may also have given them the message 
that I’d always be there
to help them deal with 
whatever came their way as well.

Hard conversations this weekend reminded us all 
that when the ground shifts beneath your feet 
is generally beyond your control;
that some things your parent presents as truth 
is actually wishful thinking 
 - spoiler alert - 
 all feet, 
whether clay or flesh 
are attached to mortal beings 
and therefore 
subject to crumbling.

Conversations not for the faint of heart,
although we will deal with whatever comes next -

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