Sunday, November 1, 2015

All Saints

All the ancestors who have carried us to this day 
are now gathering - 

to carry us through tomorrow,
into eternity.

They are blessing us with stories of their lives. 

They are blessing us with their legacy. 

They are - 
and always have been - 
blessing us with an outpouring of their spirit 
which brought us to this day 
and will carry us beyond.

Although these words were written
by someone else
in a different context

I can't imagine a better description of All Saints Day.

It's not just a day of mourning
and remembering
all the ancestors who have gone before;

it's a celebration of all we've inherited

from people we clearly recognize as saints

and, more frequently,
from those we do not.

It's about claiming OUR place
 in the never ending procession.

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