Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hanging on ...

through the ups and downs.

The oncologist didn't throw any colleague under the bus
but he DID walk everyone back from the brink.

Last week,
during my first visit,
he declared he wasn't ready to say I had multiple myeloma -

There may have been a celebratory champagne 
and steak dinner last weekend
in response.

He did however order more tests,
more xrays -
and, true to form, 
when you go looking for trouble,
you're bound to find it.

But I've learned my lesson;
I'm not saying anything this time 
until I see it in writing - 
so I have another visit with the oncologist 
later this week.

As Roseanne Rosanna Dana used to say
"It's always something"

In the meantime,
I'm enjoying my tree
(and not even letting the crooked star bother me;
well, maybe a little)
 and creating a Christmas card
for clinic.
I might not be able to change what's going on inside my body,
assuming of course that someone will figure it out -
and hopefully soon -
but I can still control whether I see the beauty and promise of the season.

Yes, indeed,
that I can do!

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