Tuesday, December 15, 2015

There's no place like home for the holidays

Looking around my house this time of year,
I see lots of things;

cherished things,

things handed down,

and newer items purchased for my own enjoyment; 
items to pass along, 
at some point,
 to another generation.

But more than 'things',
I see people I love;

friends and family I was with 
when Christmas items were acquired,
memories of life shared
gifts given and gratefully received

(like an angel with her 'big girl panties' on!)
and a Santa puppet that we're sure needs to be tested 
for Graves disease.

A truck from my sons childhood brings back memories -
of Christmases spent together.
and realization of how far we've all traveled since that time.

And, of course,
doesn't everyone have a spotted reindeer head?

I have several choices for a Nativity
but this is the one that made the cut this year.
There was something very appealing about taking scraps, 
left overs,
 and combining them
with the most ordinary of household objects
from my childhood,
wooden clothespins,
to create something which points to the holy.

The reality that the aged clothespins are differently colored,
creating the effect of a biracial couple,
was definitely a plus.

As my Pearl reminds me

Good to remember!

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Gerry Puglisi said...

Donna, I so enjoy reading what you write and seeing what you love. Mostly, I am happy to see your scariest of all diagnosis was wrong. (So much for thinking doctors are God.) Still thinking of you; wishing you all the best; and praying for complete and healthy 2016. Gerry