Monday, February 8, 2016

Be patient

I'm not entirely finished with gushing about Northern CA yet!

As someone whose only previous experience with CA
were visits to LA -
with its manicured beaches and lawns
plastic people and focus on fantasy,
I was unprepared for the natural beauty of Northern CA; 
it was literally a breath of fresh air.

There are proponents who believe they should be two completely separate states.
They surely represent two different states of being.

What surprised me the most 
was that the area contained elements 
of all the topographies 
that speak to my heart the most. 

I've already covered the ocean,
but can you really ever get too much of the sea?
There was also the rocky grazing lands of Scotland
 yes, those white spots are sheep on the top of the mountain!
There are also hints of the Black Hills of South Dakota
  reinforced by a local delicacy made from buffalo milk 
and powdered mushrooms
which sounds like it should be terrible
but which was, in fact,
the creamiest,
most delicious maple syrupy
version of butter pecan ice cream without the nuts
I've ever had.

There were rich green pastures and open skies of Iowa
even if some of the produce and livestock were different!
Add in some funky towns,
 local 'atmosphere'
unique architecture

 someone I love
  and this as a backyard view -
is it any wonder I'm smitten?

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