Sunday, April 24, 2016


I want to share some other images  -
 to remove the one I planted of toilet related 'floaters';
all these helped me regain perspective this week.

This one was taken from the Space Station
of a shuttle launch from Florida.
and these two are from the Hubble telescope.
 How fabulous is this view of the earth?

It probably represents some hideous reality 
like the hole in the ozone layer
but I think seeing the world swathed in clouds
is lovely.

And this one ...
I don't even know what the hell this is -
and neither does anyone else.
That seems to be the point.

Scientists are referring to it as the Gates of Heaven -
and who can say they're wrong?

Human beings are such a small piece of creation.

All the things we ruminate about,
those things that keep us up at night,
our silly claims to "our space";
 they matter to us,
but, in the grand scheme of things,
 they don't really matter. 
How can you look at the galaxy 
and not feel insignificant;
not remember your place?

There are times I need reminders of that.

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