Saturday, April 2, 2016

Truth telling

She's not quite 4;
the oldest of soon to be 5 siblings;
resilient and wise
 in ways a child 
shouldn't have to be -
from the chaos in her family
and from multiple placements
in different homes 
with indifferent caregivers.

We were holding hands
going in search of a juice box
when she looked down
and said
"Oh, what happened to your hand?"
 I decided to tell the truth.
I'm white 
and my hands are old".

"Oh, I'm sorry
but don't feel sad;
kindness comes in old."
she replied.

 This interaction
and this bouquet
 made my week!

Some see weeds;
others have eyes that see
beyond the descriptors
to the essence.

Truth telling is always good.

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