Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A whole lot of shakin' goin' on over here!
It will come as a surprise to NO ONE that the computer I owned was an antique.
Not that it started out that way;
but I frankly see no reason to upgrade 
every time a new fade comes along.
But apparently 7 years in a computers life 
is even longer than dog years
and I was informed earlier this week, 
rather dismissively I might add,
that no upgrade was even possible on my computer anymore
 and the only remedy was to purchase a new one. 
So, for what I usually pay for a used car,
I bought myself a new laptop,
had the data transferred
and then waited for it to drive itself to my house 
and plug itself in.
After an hour on the phone with AT&T last night
and meeting a repair guy at the house today,
I might actually be in business;
IF I can figure out all the bells and whistles.
I might get the hang of it in about 6 years!

But wait, that's not the only excitement ...
black mold was discovered in my basement
so contractors in hazmat suits have been coming and going too.
Funny how I zip up and down the stairs doing laundry 
with nary a hint of protection or problems
but be that as it may ...
it has to be done, so might as well bite the bullet now.
I've needed to concentrate on beauty -
and there's an abundance of that
even when the bloom is off the rose
and the fall colors have barely gotten started.
But the best part?
(What, the black mold wasn't the highlight?)
Enjoying the anticipation and excitement as
the count down gets real ...
Maybe it's just me - 
but NO WAY do I think this baby is staying put for another 2 weeks!
That's OK ...
whenever he gets here,
there's plenty of love waiting for him!
And here we thought this was such a cheesy pose - 
and it might be, 
but it's also kind of awesome!

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