Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I lied

Hell, if candidates for President can, 
it’s fair game for the rest of us, right?

I watched the debate.

My curiosity got the better of me.
I figured I’d rather hear the debacle first hand 
than count on someone else's version
of what was said and by whom.

While my blood pressure probably was stroke level, at some point, 
I lived to tell the tale.

There are just SO many ways to go about dissecting what happened:
*analyzing Trumps behavior and body language 
as a sexual predator,
or *as an English linguist -
was he even speaking in a recognized language?

 But it was as I was summing up the debate for a friend 
that a truth of what I had witnessed hit home.

I said it was like watching a 14yr old coke head argue with his mother about his misdeeds. 

My subconscious seems to have identified a reality I hadn’t let myself say out loud before…

I’d noticed that Donald Trump has all the markers 
of being a domestic abuser and stalker
 but I’m now convinced 
that he is also a substance abuser. 
I suspect he’s self-medicating a bi-polar disorder
but I'm convinced if someone convinced him to do a drug drop, 
we wouldn't be surprised by the results.

Therapy types have, for months, been attributing his erratic, volatile behavior 
to all sorts of emotional maladies, 
(here , here and here for starters)
so this is hardly groundbreaking territory.

But, as I was reviewing the symptoms list, 
it became crystal clear.

Signs of Cocaine Use:
Dilated pupils and eyes overly sensitive to light
poor impulse control
Abnormal sleep pattern
Runny nose (snorting)
 Unusual excitement
Poor judgment

Sound like anyone you’ve seen recently in a national debate?

Can this thing be over soon, PLEASE?

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