Saturday, October 22, 2016


 It used to be that my birthday week was the peak of fall color;
a glimpse into exactly how egocentric I was 
(past tense questionable)
but I thought God was painting the world in such brilliant colors 
as a special gift to me;
a celebration and a reminder 
not to squander the precious time we have allotted on this earth.
 I look at images I took years ago
and I don't need any other evidence of global warming.

It hit a new high of 91 degrees earlier this week.
Leaves are turning brown and dropping off - 
because they're dying of thirst.

Even though it's cooler this morning,
we haven't had a hard frost and there's barely a hint of color.
 I'm trying not to let impatience turn to disappointment
but I'm not going to lie,
it's a challenge.
 I certainly hope my created forests aren't the only pop of color that appear this fall!
Color me waiting ...

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