Friday, December 23, 2016

Just a thought

What if the media refused to respond to ANY of trumps tweets?

Since it's not,
by any stretch of the imagination,
ignoring them would make perfect sense.

There's no policy statement or executive decision worth knowing about
if it can be captured in 140 characters.

Refuse to repeat them;
refuse to write about them;
refuse to comment on them;
unless and until
he addresses the press corps 
in a briefing.

Stop allowing him to get away with his sound bite mentality.

If a trump tweets and no one responds,
does he even exist?

 Santa, if you're listening, this is rising to the top of my Christmas list.

NAS, if you're listening, make it happen. 
For the 'security' of all of us,
disconnect his twitter feed.
ps,  you can't tell me with all the hacking and cyber-attacking going on, 
NO ONE can find trumps taxes?

You disappoint me.
I had higher hopes for you.

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