Saturday, December 24, 2016


is the birthday 
of my sons father, 
my former husband, 
and though he’s been dead 
for almost 30 years
there’s not a Christmas Eve 
when I’ve not thought of him – 
and given thanks for his presence in my life.

We didn’t have forever, 
we had impermanence.

We didn’t have perfect, 
we had flawed…

but we had real – 
in all its manifestations.

Tomas, I’m glad you were born.
 I’m glad you were you 
and we were us.

Without you, 
these guys wouldn’t be here – 
being who they are – 
and my world would be 
infinitely diminished.
If bringing them into the world 
was reason alone 
for our time together, 
then we were a great success.

Happy Birthday, TR!
You would be very proud of our sons; 
they're the best things 
we ever did!

In case you think you don't 'live on'
take a look at this -
and reconsider!

And then look at our grandson -
who bears your name.
 He'd melt your heart!

You are missed.
You are remembered.
You are loved.

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