Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Words fail ...

 I know I haven't been around much.

I still feel like I’m trapped in a parallel universe;
 and on most days, 
 there aren’t even words to express
my incredulity and disdain
for the events and players
swirling in the ether around me.

How I long for the days of SSDD – same sh*t, different day!
The simplicity and ease of dealing with ‘normal’ chaos.

Apparently, in the reality in which we now live -
deep in the darkness of our former country
that is now Trumplandia -
there’s a different level of psychic insult every day
with no end in sight. 

Truth be told, I think the Inmate who took over the asylum is just warming up.

The hits just keep coming …
after initial announcements about T-rumps intent to fill his closest cupboard in the White House 
with assorted racists, neo Nazis and domestic abusers, 
he’s moved on to other positions.
(I’d call them a ‘Cabinet’ but that elevates them to a level of importance they clearly don’t deserve.)

A Secretary of State whose career has consisted of being an oil mogul, 
frequently working in direct opposition to US federal governments interests, policies and plans 
in many parts of the world, 
particularly Africa (specifically with a dictator in Chad); 

a comrade who also happens to be a party favorite of the dictator of the Kremlin. 
 Not that kind of ‘party animal’... 

this kind!
A Secretary of Education candidate that has no education degree, 
no teaching experience, 
no experience working in a public school, 
never attended public school or a public university, 
does not believe in or support public education, 
believes that public school teachers are overpaid 
and has spent a career pushing for charter schools 
and the illusion of ‘choice’ for the poorest students.
Apparently her strongest qualification is the ability to write 
the Minority President -elects campaign a check for $3 million dollars.
Small Business Administration?  – a professional wrestling executive. 
As if small business owners don’t have enough problems to wrestle with 
without this b*tch mucking things up. 
But how bad could it be – it’s not brain surgery, right?

Speaking of which, 
a neurosurgeon who I actually WOULD let operate on the inside of my head
 is going to be in charge of housing because … 
he’s lived in a house- and the house was in an inner city!

I love the logic! 

Here’s mine – I married a Swede 
and have actually eaten at Swedish restaurants in two distinctly different cities: 
Al Johnsons in Sister Bay, Wisconsin and Tre Kronor in Chicago. 
 Expect to see my appointment as Ambassador to Sweden announced momentarily. 
I’d accept it in a heartbeat!
Anything to get me out of the country for a few years.

The cherry on top of this week’s sundae seems to be 
that after decades of being run by Nobel prize winning rocket scientists 
who actually know how to get us to galaxies and back, 
the Secretary of Energy will now be a candidate 
directly from Dancing with the Stars. 
 Stars, galaxies, it’s all the same thing, right?

The fact that the Department with authority over nuclear weapons will now be run 
by a man so dense that he’s incapable of remembering the name of the Department he’s running seems to be a moot point.

In fact, 
T-rump seems to have picked people with zero experience in governing the agencies 
they will now be charged with running; 
people whose career paths have seemingly been aimed at eradicating 
the existence of very departments they’ll now represent.

This would certainly make for an interesting political experiment – 
or an episode of the Twilight Zone -  
 if only the rest of us weren’t in the same hand basket 
that’s headed for hell 
along with the idiots who got us into this mess in the first place!

Trouble is, we recognize it -
and they don't.
What is the precise moment, in the life of a country,
when tyranny takes hold?

It rarely happens in an instant;
it arrives like twilight, and, at first, the eyes adjust.
I think 'Twilight Zone' is a fairly apt description
on several levels!

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