Thursday, February 16, 2017

There are no words...

well, there are actually -

 total sh*t show,
word vomit...

#45 held a public stream of consciousness therapy session today
in what passes for a press conference.

He insisted his administration has been run like a fine tuned machine.
Seriously, Donald??
This is a guy who can't let go of 
the election, 
his numbers, 
his opponent
his hatred of those who 'thwart' his plans -
the press,
the courts
those who didn't vote for him.

And the "I inherited a mess" nonsense? 

Repeating lies - or should I say fragments of lies -
over and over again doesn't make them true;
that only works for your base - 
which apparently is all that matters to this delusional narcissist.

This guy couldn't find a complete sentence
in a paper bag
with a flashlight.
The only thing that balanced me today
was gratefulness 
that I'm not employed as a reporter who has to cover this idiot.
How they can listen to this guy without 
throwing something,
getting up and walking out
or becomingly violently ill
is beyond me.

Made my job much more tolerable - 
and here I'd thought it was a pretty bad day.
Now I know
it could have been worse.
I could have been in the room when it happened.


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