Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Well, that didn't take long!


This applies to every Republican
that squealed and whined and bitched and moaned
for years 
about Clinton's 'private server' and 'her emails'
during 33 frickin Congressional hearings;

those who now remain silent
while their president,
conducts national security business -
about a nuclear missile crisis with North Korea -
in the dining room of a country club,

 their president who discloses
both the name and identity of the person assigned to carry the Nuclear codes
outside of the White House
a president that doesn't immediately fire his National Security Advisor 
for treason -
even when he's given transcripts of that same Advisor
actively colluding with a hostile foreign government.
 Seriously, you silent wonders;
you have now abdicated your right to speak
about anything the Democratic party does
 ever again!

You weak willed spineless morons!
do you honestly think we believe this career military man woke up one day 
and simply decided to go rogue?

I think #45 didn't have any response or take any action
 when he was briefed about these actions 
months ago
because he was already aware of them ...
because he ordered them.

Flynn isn't the only one who should be investigated 
and, if warranted, tried for treason.
#45 should be right along side him.

One giant step closer to impeachment.
Deep cleansing breath.
 Here's my attempt at balance -

my nursery/guest bedroom had its inaugural event this weekend
 and I had a wonderful time.
I won't presume to speak for my grandson.
He didn't seem too inclined to go to church on Sunday morning, 
so we just hung around at home
 and had fun, 
right Sweet Pea!
Come on,
don't give me that look - 
you know you had a great time too! 
That's better!

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