Monday, February 13, 2017

too much to say

I can't tell you how many times I've started to write a post... 

God knows there's some outrage from this Republican Administration every day:

*a National Security Advisor actively colluding with the Russians, 
both before AND after a rigged election

*the Muslim ban, detainees, protests at airports, subsequent law suit, 
one brave judges stay,
a ruling from the Appeals courts -
with the Administrations doubling down 
by having immigration agents sweep up migrants 
whose "crime" was wanting a better life and coming here decades ago
without papers

*#45 and his Cabinet of Deplorables 
(some of the least qualified folks that have ever been nominated)
who haven't met a conflict of interest they couldn't justify,
an ethics violation they couldn't worm their way out of 
and a disclosure rule they can't say fast enough doesn't apply to them -
as they get ready to dismantle the very agencies under their control

*a White House that seems to be ruined by a ghastly combination of 
the gang that couldn't shoot straight,
Nazi brown shirts
and creatures from the Walking Dead
*even my outrage
which was considerable
 at a female Senator being censured 
by a male colleague and silenced from the floor -
which tapped into every demeaning and minimizing reaction I've ever at work -
is simply too hard to be sustained.

When there's a daily news feed named 
"WTF just happened today?"
you know things are bad.

The number of words
in an overwhelming number of articles
merely serve to remind me that MY words 
aren't needed.

I've been searching for balance to the noise,
for happiness,
for the best elements of self care;
interspersed, of course, with small acts of advocacy, 
letter writing and calls to legislators.

it feels superficial and 'not connected' to reality 
to post about beautiful sunsets 
and lovely moments of being in the present time.

The struggle is real
and patience is hard to come by. 

Once I figure it out, I'll be back ...
 bear with me.

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