Tuesday, April 26, 2011

All that's missing is U

It started out innocently enough.

The kid was clearly VERY motor driven, climbing all over the room- on chairs, the bed, the counter top -and all this with a broken leg.
It was a totally believable story that he had fallen and gotten injured at home.

If only they had left it at that.

But no...mom had to go and say, "Can you hurry up, please? We have to be in court at 2pm!"
And, when the doc asked conversationally, why she had to be there, she said, "So DCFS can close my case; I just got the kids back from foster care. They've been gone for 2 years."

Really?? Did you think that would get you a medal for honesty?
No...it got you a Social Service consult!

But, by that point, she was on a roll and the words came spewing out.
As I asked her for the name of her state worker, the father threw his keys across the room, in my direction, screaming, "Now, we're really fucked."
Mother, in her wisdom, told him to leave the room, saying "I can't have you making things worse."

Surprisingly he did without uttering anther word.
(Guess that's what happens when you're in a relationship and you're nearly a decade older than your partner; you get to be HIS mother too!)

When I asked mom about the circumstances of why the kids went into care in the first place, she said. "The usual; first it was environmental neglect because the house was like, you know..hoarders; then my mother complained about me and their dad doing drugs, so they had us pee in a cup and, of course, we dropped dirty."

THAT usual!
Don't you hate it when THAT happens!

Oh nuts!
Mom further 'explained' that she would be in a LOT of trouble, since there was a court order saying that Dad couldn't be anywhere around the kids, so she'd really appreciate it if I just didn't mention it when I called DCFS.

So, I replied honestly, "I'm sure you would".

What Mom and I didn't know was that, by the time I contacted DCFS, they were already at the court house with the police, telling a judge that mom and dad were in clear violation of the last court order. They had been seen 'begging' around town, using the kids as bait; police found drug paraphernalia in the house, along with crack cocaine and the oldest two kids had loop marks all over their backs.

All the kids are back in foster care.

Don't you love a story about the power of honesty that has a happy ending?


jodie said...

I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall and watch you work all day! Seriously, your stories have me laughing out loud or crying every day. I love when you write about all the crazy that is your work! Hope you have good and less interesting day!

chris desloge said...

Some days you just don't have to work as hard as other days! Shut the front door!