Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blatantly borrowing

I told y'all right at the very beginning (see here) that I rarely have an original idea...but I borrow from the best of them.

So, I was just waiting for a rainy day so I could try this:
and Mother Nature cooperated one day last week.

The pictures aren't as charming as Katie's - but I had a blast nonetheless!

I discovered it's tough to take pictures... in the rain... on the parking lot... at work...in work clothes... on a busy clinic morning... without risking life and limb... and getting stopped by Security guards, asking what the hell I'm doing and why I'm littering the premises!

(Perhaps people who wear uniforms have too little magic in their souls; how sad. Maybe they need a duck more than most!).

It was a great experience - and the ducks were all snatched up within 10 minutes - by kids who LOVED an excuse to play in the puddles!

I'm calling this one a WIN - and, since I have some ducks left, I'll do another 'installation art project' on a rainy day in the future too!

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AIMEE said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!