Thursday, April 7, 2011

Better than Chuck E Cheese

The next time I'm tempted to feel sorry for myself on my birthday, bemoaning the fact that I didn't have a big party or receive as many cards and presents from friends and family as I wanted, I hope I'll remember how I spent my day.

Three kids were brought to the ER by ambulance this morning, accompanied only by police.
They had been taken away from their mother, not only because they were living in a car (due to their house being so 'trashed' it was uninhabitable), but because one of the kids had been targeted for abuse.

He was covered with bruises, scars and was unable to use one of his arms because of a clavicle fracture.

Mother was in police custody being interrogated downtown. She was making a confession about not only injuring her middle child but about breaking the littlest ones leg several months ago.
During the course of the work-up, staff noticed that it was the youngest ones 2nd birthday.

True to form, staff sprang into action and within an hour, had gathered a bag full of presents, most for the birthday girl, but gifts for all the children since no one wanted any of them to feel left out.
Meal trays were ordered and, when they arrived, the kids indicated this was the first food they'd had in days.

A birthday cake also made its way to the ER and, as staff stood around serenading them with a rendition of Happy Birthday, the kids were beaming and, among the staff, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

After they ate, as I was wheeling them around the ER in a wagon, waiting for their foster mother to come get them, the oldest one said to me, "This has been our best birthday EVER... can we come back here next year?"

Think about it... what did YOUR best birthday look like?
I'd be willing to bet, it didn't resemble this!

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