Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flood Wall

Down beyond the 'regular' waterfront, there's a whole world of street art that is AMAZING!

I can't believe I've never found it before.

The flood walls are HUGE pieces of prefabricated concrete - maybe 15 feet high and twice as long and they stretch for blocks!

In our town they also serve as canvases for talented artists!

It's mind boggling! (and I KNOW nobody 'cool' uses that phrase anymore)

But, really, what other word is there?

Why aren't these folks illustrating comic books and making tons of money?

This one made me laugh - what is it about Zombies that's so appealing to folks these days?

Art imitating life.

Some profound expression that should make everyone think!

I hear the 'artists' paint over the pieces frequently... I have NO doubt I'll be making other trips down there!

It's like having a private outdoor gallery.

Although I have to say the 'private' part was what finally made me stop the tour... it occurred to me I was getting deep into the heart of 'beyond the riverfront' industrial area and hadn't seen another human being for over 30 minutes.

I'm not easily spooked but I DO honor my 'gut' and it was time to leave.

I'll make sure I have my cell with me next time!


aimee said...

Great pics! It's amazing...all this talent and I bet hardly anyone gets to see it...except brave souls like you that venture down to the industrial area. Uh, yes please do take your cell next time...or better yet a friend and a 9mm! JK ABOUT the last part....but perhaps a cell and a friend wouldn't be a bad idea. Looks like you had a perfect day!

giveitawhirl3 said...

Amazing! Where exactly were you?? Love the green totem the best, but the woman at the end is just "wow"! Would be nice to get to meet some of the artists who do these and speak with them!

Donna said...

Aimee - It WAS great! I'll pass on the 9mm but a friend AND a cell would be good additions!

Tracy - take Chouteau- and just before you go in the river - turn right! LOL!