Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The weekend: and a visitation from BVM

New toy~~~~~

I think I'm in over my head...

I bought a new macro lens for the camera and it's not the one I intended to get.
It's a step or two UP from where I meant to be!
Actually it's like getting the top of the line microwave when all you really wanted to do is heat up Lean Cuisine and pop a bag of popcorn!
It has too many moving parts and rings and stuff I have no idea what the hell they are but I'm too intimidated by the camera store people to take it back so I'm watching how-to-videos on Youtube, pressing on and forcing myself to get comfortable with it.
(I know, pathetic, right?)

In 'Wordless Wednesday' tomorrow, see if you can tell which images I took with the macro... there are five!
And be patient!
We all have to learn new things, experiment and fail!

As many of you know, I have this 'thing' for the BVM (the Blessed Virgin Mary) which is very 'anti-Anglican' and, while I couldn't be prouder to be a 'cradle Episcopalian', I'm not giving her up just because some folks in the church think it smacks too much of the 'Mother Church' we broke away from in Rome!
It was 500 years ago - - get over it!

I've posted about her before (here) and made visits to the only shrine in America where she's appeared (here), so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when she stopped by my house to pay a visit in return!

No, really..she did!

I was out on the deck taking a picture before 6am on Saturday, turned around and, on the way back into the house, saw something on one of the deck lights that stopped me in my tracks.

It had NOT been there the night before and, I'm convinced it's HER!

Thinking it was merely the result of condensation, I brought it inside.
Wiping down the glass panel, both inside and out, did nothing to make the image go away; it's been etched on, I kid you not - complete, I might add, with drops that look like tears!

Someone suggested it looked more like Mother Teresa... I can see that...
(for the complete effect, double left click on the image to see it enlarged).

which one of the 'girls' do YOU think it is?
Does this mean I have to quit my day job, stay home and build a shrine?

Or is it merely an acknowledgment that given my state of celibacy, poverty and lifetime of service, I might as well have been a NUN?!

ps: even though the light has been both inside - and outside - with the 'door' on the side open to air it out - - absolutely nothing has changed about the image after 3 days!

Is it time to alert the media??

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