Friday, July 8, 2011

Here’s why I love my job…

after 31 years, there’s always a new way of perceiving the same old same old; always something new to hear or learn.

It IS a teaching facility after all, with a never ending stream of medical students, residents, Attendings and Consultants and as long as people keep having babies, we’ll never run out of patients...
there’s constantly a fresh ‘take on things’.

While reading a pts chart yesterday, I came across a sentence - an expression - I had never encountered before… and it made me smile –so I grabbed a pen to write it down

Instead of saying a child was 'responsive to aversive stimuli' (meaning, the kid responded, by crying or movement, when you pinched him/her or rubbed their sternum hard), a doctor wrote: "she was easily aroused to the appropriate hostility for the situation".


Every female staff person in the ER today (OK, and half of the men) decided that we want a Tshirt with that slogan on it!

I mean, we ALL have those days, right?

We are NOT PMS…we are simply “easily aroused to the appropriate hostility for the situation”!

Emotionally labile?
Nope… “easily aroused to the appropriate hostility for the situation”.

The possibilities are endless!
I’m thinking T-shirts, pillows and hats with this embroidered on it!

This one’s a keeper!

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