Monday, July 25, 2011

On the Waterfront

It seemed like the perfect thing to do...

a HOT Saturday morning, with two hours to kill before a haircut and Project 365 that was needing an image for the day.

So I headed to the riverfront - and wasn't disappointed.

Truth be told, I had images I loved before I ever got near the Mississippi!

A gorgeous building whose spires always remind me of 'dribble castles' at the beach - and an initial that works well for me...

an old, beautifully colored door with an unexplainably newish doorknob and

girls dancing in a community garden.

Nothing unusual looking about the river... until you realize that the 'sand' is actually silt over the parking cobblestones because, while it is on its way down now, the river is still very high.

SO high that Lewis and Clark are halfway under water - and it's a statue on a pedestal!

Bet the sculptor never thought the dog would actually do the 'dog paddle' in the river!

I loved this bus parked along the levee... obviously SO much to read on the vehicle itself that the driver couldn't read the parking sign!

Folks were out enjoying the breezes on the water...although when it's over 100, as far as I'm concerned, it merely feels like standing in front of an oven with the door open!

I have to admit, it was tempting to take this sign for the office!

I found lovely driftwood (and I only came home with one small piece!),
multiple opportunities to play with shadows,

and muted colors that I just couldn't pass up!

And wait 'til you see - tomorrow - what I found when I drove down to what I thought was the end of the street in order to capture these hanging wires!

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