Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine Day reminder

Especially for those singletons who have been 'burned' before...
you're gorgeous -
 even if you're not
being currently consumed 
by the heat of passion.

The fantasy is 
that life is better 
when you're on fire 
when you are, 
it seems the whole world is.

When you end a relationship though, 
it seems like the whole world is still on fire - 
and you're the only one 
out of sync.
What you can't see,
 unless you pay attention, 
is that no relationship 
is static...

all are in the process of running their course;
 some are barely hanging on.

It's amazing how, 
even knowing the odds,
as we enter into a new relationship, 
we tell ourselves that 
this time 
things will be different.

 This time,
ours will be
 the one 
that makes it...
And maybe that's true -
for a lucky few...

The reality, 
for most of us, 
is that we'll be back 
in the recycle bin 
before we know it!
Still glittery 
still in good company!

Some hearts have wick left
and some, 
aren't even looking for 
our 'match'!

The reality is that nothing
stays the same.

That's either a comfort
or a curse.

Celebrate wherever you are today!

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