Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let's get back to basics

I was doing some early spring cleaning the other day - and came across an old workbook...
and, while this particular one hadn't been mine, I certainly remember the genre and doing schoolwork in them!

As I was looking through it, I realized how many 'reality checks' we learned everyday at school -
back in the day before teachers had to be social workers, police officers, therapists and parents all rolled into one!

Couldn't help but think of dozens of people in my workplace - or on 'reality' TV - who could have benefitted from doing some of these exercises!

and my favorite category-

Maybe I need to make up a worksheet for the next ER doc meeting - -
some of them clearly need remedial lessons! 

I'm pretty frustrated today 
with the folks who believe anything 
coming out of peoples mouths.

they're right up there with the folks 
who believe
they can believe 
anything they read on the computer!

Damn good thing 
I've cornered the truth
and am in their lives 
to set them straight, right?

On a happier note -
am totally loving my new travel mug
and before all my Nikon loving friends wonder,
while this is a Canon lens mug - 
YES; it comes in Nikon lenses too!

I'm also thinking of using it as a vase -
in case I ever get roses again! 
insert smile here

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