Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vintage Valentines

I collect paper ephemera... 
old letters, old pictures, 
postcards and Valentines 
from years gone by.
There's something about their innocence, 
their graphics 
and the yellowed tone of them 
that I find infinitely appealing.

I picked up 
some 'new' ones 
while antiquing recently -
and if I don't share them now -
 when will I?

 Thought this was appropriate 
for all of us who are getting older 
and losing our minds!

 For all my friends who knit and crochet!

 I sent this one to Art Boy 
since he LOVES all varieties of apples!
Although it's hard to find someone more mellow than him.

 Can't help but wonder about Roger and Grace...
do you think he reciprocated her feelings - 
or was this just a obligatory
"everybody in the class has to get one"
that meant nothing to her
and so much to him that he kept if 'til he died?

Oh come on...
what good is all this material if it doesn't
stimulate the story teller in all of us?
It can't be just me that thinks these things, right???

Loved the gender bender artitst -
ok, maybe loved it a bit less when the cashier
remarked that it looked like Sarah Palin!

I'll give you a pompadoured Harry Potter -
but NOT Palin!

And there's a special charm 
about homemade Valentines, 
isn't there?
I can just imagine the time 
that went into this one -
with it's multi layers.

This one was easy to do - 
and even easier to email 
to all my family who live out of town.

How times change - 
although love and remembering those you love
NEVER goes out of style!

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