Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Monday, Monday


Before I even get my coat off 
for the start of a work week
you're calling me,
yelling, swearing
and insisting that I mail you a rape kit?

We're supposed to be on the same team, pal -
or hadn't you heard?

Police and hospitals
work together 
to protect kids!

We don't try to throw each other under a bus - 
or tell them to do something so patently stupid.
Have you ever heard of chain of custody?

Maybe mailing critical evidence works for adults
when you have a witness 
who can speak for themselves 
on the stand...

but not for a 2 yr old rape victim 
who had to go the OR 
for surgical repair.

You don't take a chance on the only evidence
you may have collected!

Oh, and threatening 
to report me to the States Attorney?

I'm 6o+ yrs old - 
do you honestly think I give a rats ass
about some black mark 
"on my permanent record"?

Not since grade school, honey!

Coming home to these
redeemed the day!

How can you be in a bad mood
when you have roses in the house?

You can't!

Officer WHO?

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