Saturday, May 23, 2015

A brief recap

Here's what's been happening around here ...

this guy just graduated,
with honors,
 in Criminal Justice, 
will be starting at the Police Academy 
in Michigan
and just asked this lovely lady to marry him.
She said YES!

I can't imagine a more challenging time to begin police work
nor can I imagine a better person to be in that field 
than my great nephew.

Congratulations Colin and Katie!
This gorgeous, bright lady - 
my DIL - 
just graduated with honors from nursing school 
and has the inside track on a job at a Birthing Center
in the healthcare system 
where I've worked for over 3 decades.

Bet house hunting won't be far behind 
and then maybe a family ... ???
This goat, 
masquerading as a dog,
ate my new, less than 3 weeks old Fitbit!
Bit it in half like a damn Snickers bar;
totally destroyed it!
I'd be worried about her having some radioactive battery in her stomach
 if I weren't so angry with her.
I guess that's her revenge for me putting her on reduced calorie food.
The prayer booklet for our Mission trip got finished today!
Insert Hallelujah chorus by a heavenly host here!
Have been loving
 a vintage cocktail shaker,
repurposed as a vase;
 my new bedspread
 and old pillowslips.

 These made me laugh ...

a crocheted wedding dress -
although you can't fool me,
it's a giant Tampax!

 and a Kardashian tree!

The future holds a move to a new office,
 no more penthouse views...
and a trip back to my second 'home'

To everything
there's a season ....

Headed to the National Cemetery on Memorial Day
instead of mindless shopping for more 'stuff';
having someone you love in the military changes your priorities.

More on that later ...

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