Sunday, August 14, 2016


Even in paradise, reality intrudes.
Besides BBQing catering events,
doing DJ work and painting in his studio,
my son works on an organic farm -
straight from the fields to the market.

Greens, all vegetables, fruits,
even almonds;
no waiting for refrigerated trucks loaded with boxes ...
just food walked in from the fields.
The farm is very well known and supplies many of the organic restaurants in San Francisco.
 As fascinating as the whole process is to witness -
and I do believe its Gods work, -
on the days when he had to be there,
his cousin and I were not going to just sit around and wait for him
or spend all day with him at work;
a decision I'm sure his boss appreciated.
We had exploring to do.

I'll just say two words:

Two small towns with old hippie/new age vibes
that are directly on my frequency!
I want this!
I'll admit it was in Bolinas that I fell in love -
because ...
rust and aqua...
 a garage with a matching stained glass window
and a truck that says HI.
(yes, I know that stands for Harvester International ...
but it's HI nonetheless!)
As soon as I win the lottery, look for me in either of these places!
Maybe working here -
to be surrounded by beauty 
while earning some 'pin money'.
 Come on,
it could happen!

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