Sunday, September 4, 2016


The clinic which I direct received its initial funding (for 2 years) from a Foundation.
In a few months, we're coming to the end of our grant.
I suppose the Foundation thought they might need to educate us 
about how to get replacement money before kicking us off the dole.

So they set up a 2 day workshop in our capitol 
and arranged for all their grant recipients
 to meet with a private consulting group, 
aka lobbyists.
I'll admit that as I drove deeper into the heart of Missouri,
past more campaign signs for He Who Must Not Be Named than I've seen before,
I wasn't optimistic about it being a good experience.

I was delighted to be proven wrong.
I'm embarrassed to admit that as often as I travel into rural areas of our state 
for poking around and antiquing 
and as much as I consider myself to be an informed citizen,
I have never been to Jefferson City before.
I'll just stand here quietly while you cast aspersions.

Our accommodations couldn't have been more comfortable;
 the town itself was very conducive to pedestrians,
is situated on the bluffs of the Missouri River
and is really lovely.
 Frankly, I think we went a little overboard in the house we gave the Governor.
I could be quite content in one of the condos directly across from him
or in his neighbors house behind the garden.
The buildings are meant to impress
(probably rubes like me)
and they do!
 I'd be assigned to the 'peanut  gallery'
which would be fine by me!
I found myself wondering how often any of the legislators
bother to look up here - 
let alone take in its message.
Nothing is politically right that is morally wrong.

 Let those that have ears hear!

I also was amused by this sculpture
depicting God only knows what ...
 do you remember 'back in the day' 
when your contempt for a colleague
could be expressed with nothing more 
than a sneer and look of disdain?
Ah, those were the days!

Definitely worth the visit;
and, in case you're wondering, 
yes, I even learned some things about lobbying
and approaching people with power for money;
not that I'll ever have to,
we have a whole department at the hospital to do that.
Trust me when I say,
the last thing they want is for me to be calling our state reps on my own.

At my age and with my experience,
my filters are pretty much shot to hell.

It was a fun two days though!

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