Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sea change

I know the news shouldn’t have affected me 
but it did;
changed my perceptions,
changed how I view them,
changed how I feel about them.

I know that change is inevitable;
it means people aren’t static.
 They continue to grow,
to seek
to become;
not to mention the whole 
it’s their life and not mine” thing 

The recent discovery that two artists I’ve enjoyed 
ended marriages to begin new relationships
bothered me.
 Author Elizabeth Gilbert
(she of Eat, Pray, Love and Committed fame)
and writer/artist Brian Andreas
(creator of Storypeople) -
 I swear it’s not because I believe in a “happily ever after” scenario.
Who gets THAT?

Besides, there’s every indication that they ARE happy now,
so maybe THIS is the happily ever after they were searching for all along.

But here's the thing -
I miss commitment.
I miss examples that people can make relationships work –
in good times and bad -
changing together through difficult times
and emerging stronger,
both together and individually.

The pain, confusion, doubts and struggle 
are their own private battlegrounds.
They owe their ‘public’ nothing.
No explanations are needed.

But my opinions of them are diminished nonetheless; 
right or wrong, 
they just are.

I wish them well.
I'll probably still enjoy their art,
but I'm mourning the loss of my image of them.

Not saying it makes sense,
just sayin'.

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