Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I'm back ...

and getting acclimated again
to the routine of working, errands
and the general upkeep of living a life
after time immersed in 
family, fun and celebration.

It was a wonderful extended weekend;
the only downside being I left the cord for connecting my camera to the computer 
to download pictures
plugged in to an outlet 
which is now 300+ miles away!
(And yes, my therapist would say I left a part of me behind because I didn't want to leave!)

A trip to the computer store later today will remedy my dilemma
but for now, 
all I've got are "phone pictures" -
it is what it is!

So here are a few still life scenes from the weekend:
Not that there was much about the weekend that was 'still'.

It was constant moving, 
partying and 
telling of tales -
and, because its who we are.
there was political commentary.
We love our  Bernie "Join the Action" figure!

More to come - 
but for now, 
work beckons.
Gotta go.


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