Thursday, September 1, 2016

How Monet

When we go to the rez in June, 
it would be impossible to imagine that the fields 
filled with bright green shoots of new corn
would transform themselves later in the summer
into a second harvest and
acres of happiness.
I marvel at the tenacity of the small daisy like flowers 
we sometimes call 'sunflowers'
that pop up
 along the highway,
beside buildings,
in the most inhospitable of settings;

the random scattered seeds carried on the wind 
or in bird droppings;

beautiful survivors all.
 But these are positively puny in comparison to the variety of sunflowers
grown for crop and seed.
Hardy and majestic
 behemoths that occupy acre after acre
all across the reservation.
Frankly, it was inspiring ...
 and perfect for the game of "Where's Waldo?"
 Luckily I had friends who were willing to play along!
Don't worry,
no sunflowers were harmed while taking these images.
There was plenty of room between the rows. 
What fun!

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