Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dear Fellow Americans who just voted for President Voldemort

I have so much to say and I'm going to try to be kind but:
 I had NO idea there are so many people in this country who are unable to connect the dots.

Let's pretend for one minute that T-rump isn't:
 the most dangerous demagogue and narcissist this country has ever seen;
that he doesn't have an ego bigger than NYC,
that he hasn't demonstrated over and over
(I mean consistently for decades!)
that he's a bigot, 

a misogynist with HUGE mommy (and daddy) problems, 

an admitted sexual predator,

mentally ill,

financially irresponsible-
with his own and other peoples money -,

the named principal in over a dozen pending lawsuits,

has HUGE impulse control issues,

brags about never reading,
leading to poor mastery of the English language
and the vocabulary of a 2nd grader,

has never offered a single day
 - let alone a lifetime -
in service of others...

let's take all of that  - 
and SO much more -
out of the equation. 

This country is expected to have just elected
 a man who has never held public office 
and knows NOTHING about how government works.

 (In case you don't know it,  he hasn't been elected yet.
He won't be until the Electoral College meets on December 19th 
and the electors cast their votes
stop saying it's the will of the people -
more people voted for Hillary than for T-rump.
She won the popular vote)

I'm right there with Mr Khan in suspecting 
that T-rump has never even read the American constitution. 

Apparently for many voters this was part of his appeal.
The same people, no doubt, who would recognize 
how dangerous and foolish it would be to seek out a physician
with NO experience or track record 
for a life saving procedure you need,

(What? A doc who has done hundreds of heart transplants? 
No thanks, get me the first year surgery resident; 
I want HIM to do it!)

have just turned over the keys of the kingdom 
to a complete RUBE!

Sorry to break it to you folks, 
but you've been conned.
And the snake oil you just bought is going to poison the well for all of us.

 It's now on you ... 
 you think you were voting to drain the swamp? 
 well, you just sent ALL the same leeches back into it
with a new Swamp Thing as their leader.

The state our country is in
(and, BTW,
it's NOT as dire as you've been led to believe)
is NOT due to the Democrats OR the sitting President.
Republicans have been in leadership of the House, 
the Senate 
and most state Governor-ships
for YEARS.

They've accomplished NOTHING because that was their goal -
to obstruct and shut down the workings of government -
all because they didn't like the blackness of the man in charge.
 (Oops,I forgot, we're taking overt racism out of the equation)

And they were successful.
But, as Dr Phil would say,
how's that working for ya?
Apparently not too well;
but you've been conned into blaming the wrong part of the system.
Republicans are very successful at that bait and switch tactic too.

I'm sorry they didn't care enough about you 
to tell you that the jobs we lost 
on small family farms, 
in mining, 
small businesses,
the auto industry,
the railroads 
aren't coming back.

And that guy you just elected?
He was part of the establishment that sent them overseas.

I'm sorry they didn't care enough about you 
to tell you that the life you enjoyed -
the one in which your pale skin color
and all the privileges attendant with it 
kept you in an isolated bubble 
in which you could ignore 
all the ways the system wasn't working for so many others - 
it's gone too.
Mayberry only existed for a select few anyway.

And that guy you just elected?
You honestly think a billionaire from NYC gives a rats ass about your life?
How many times prior to the campaign has he visited 'the flyover'?
How many times has he walked down a 'Main Street' in a town with a population under 500?
Spend a lot of time in Appalachia did he?

Well, sit back and enjoy the 3 ring circus that's coming to your town soon.
But don't get too confortable.
He won't be in the center ring for long!

Dear rest of the civilized world
We're sorry you got dragged into this travesty 
but it wasn't me or any of my close friends; 
please give us political asylum.

Dear political pundits
You blew it.
You're dead to me.

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