Sunday, November 6, 2016

Learning new things

After not having an infant in the family for a very long time, 
you tend to forget about all the adjustments that go along 
with figuring out who this new little creature in your life is.
You forget how helpless you can feel trying to decipher what they're trying to let you know.

You forget about all the new sensations and experiences these little ones are barraged with
and how disconcerting that must be for them.
You forget how much harder all that is when you're doing it 
on less than 3 hours sleep.

And, as a grandparent, 
it's a tough job to watch as new parents struggle, 
as they must,
with learning for themselves 
what works and what doesn't.

New things are being learned here in the Lou!
 Much of it lovely and life affirming.
THAT reality, however, just makes my general anxiety about the election
more pronounced.
 Not that I didn't have skin in the game anyway;
I mean, I have to live with the results in this country.
The Motherland (Canada) won't take me back ...
Cuba is beautiful but it IS a dictatorship and if I'm going to live under one anyway,
it might as well be here
fighting with, and for, my people.

It may well be that I'm the one that's proven to be delusional
but I REFUSE to believe
that the people in our country have gone so far 'round the bend
that they could elect an orange buffoon as our leader.
I voted early since I'll be driving downstate to a conference,
having to leave at the ass crack of dawn before the polls open.

The trip will take me deep into Trumpland
and I'll just say it,
it's unnerving.

No matter the outcome,
it's not where I'd choose to be as the results come in!

After casting my vote though,
it's out of my hands.
You can't control another person.

Which seems to be the lesson of the day -
try to figure out how to make it work
 and how to cope when it goes south!
All you can do is buckle up -
its gonna be a bumpy ride
but we'll make it through.

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