Thursday, March 7, 2013

Looking for love in ALL the wrong places!

It’s a good thing I get my news from several sources or I might have missed this life altering item from CNN Money.

I mean really, a girl could literally spend all day searching and reading the world wide webs in an attempt to keep up with all the salient news items of the day – you know, issues like did Kate really slip up while working the line and say she was having a Princess? Will that pesky divorce be granted for Kim before inducing so much stress in her life that she delivers Kimyes baby too soon? Has someone already mistaken Dennis Rodman for a representative of the State Department and started negotiating some treaty with him? Has the NRA successfully defined themselves as a” well regulated militia” as required by the Second Amendment? How did admitted killer Jodi Arias go from looking like a stripper- intimately familiar with poles- 
to looking dowdier than a stereotypical Marian the librarian?
But I digress.

I’m serious; this article could be a game changer for more than just me.
You see it appears that romance isn’t dead; it’s just hiding at Wal-Mart!

A study of missed connection posts on Craigslist found that Wal-Mart was the most popular place for people to find love at first sight, according to Psychology Today magazine.

More people thought they saw their future spouses at a Wal-Mart than anywhere else in 15 states. I'll let that sink in a moment ...

And, while the study didn’t elaborate, I think we can all guess what states made the cut for the top slots of those 15 – Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Florida, Louisiana, West Virginia… oh, don’t get all uppity, you know you were thinking the same thing!

BTW - why is THAT any more slanderously stereotypical than saying, as the study did, that in New York, the most frequently cited spot was the subway or that, in California, the most popular was the gym chain 24 Hour Fitness.

 Here’s the bad news –

as if the People of Wal-Mart being someone’s idea of love at first sight hasn’t already made you toss your toast – age IS a factor.

The most common place for missed connections for 20 something’s was in an ice cream store.
At 30, it was a bar and, for people over 40, it was a strip club or an adult bookstore!

Adult bookstores? Strip clubs?
That’s not a missed connection for love… that’s a missed opportunity to be someone’s next appointment and the next person on the list to be contacted by the Health Department!

You’ll also notice that people in my age bracket weren’t even included in the study!

Don’t know about anyone else but you’ll find me with the 20 something’s at the frozen yogurt store (ice cream stores are SO 2010) – and the only thing I’ll be looking for are the sprinkles!

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Mark said...

You gave me a nice chuckle tonight, funny stuff, and I'm still letting that sink in a moment.