Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday, really?

The world is too much with us. 
Late and soon, 
getting and spending, 
we lay waste our powers. 
Little we see in Nature that is ours; 
We have given our hearts away, 
a sordid boon!
William Wordsworth 

Have you ever been there – when the world is simply too much with you?

I’m sick of the news – and feeling like I have to have a reaction to everything – even sicker still that I do.
Gay marriage? In my traditionalist heart, that’s not the word I would have preferred but I support: the concept of having the legal and societal recognition of a committed relationship for everyone, the people who are fighting for the right to call it whatever makes sense to them and the reality that its none of my damn business.

As far as I’m concerned, the tempest in a teacup about gay people who want to get married – and have the potential to be as miserable as everyone else in that state - is NOTHING but a distraction from the real issue of needing to fix the institution itself.
Have you read the longitudinal studies on the effect of heterosexual divorce on children?
Staggeringly sad – with implications lasting generations.

Adam Lanza being provided with an arsenal of weapons and enough ammunition to take out a suburb of Jalalabad by his mother – she was the breadwinner and his economic support - he was the loser in the basement eating pizza, playing violent video games and creating a spread sheet with mass murderers’ body counts.
What in the world did she THINK was going on down there – and didn’t she have an obligation to find out? Is there such a thing as’ guilt in absentia’?

I think she’d qualify.
Kim Kardashian complaining that the press is being too mean about her weight gain and how slutty she dresses during her pregnancy… you can’t be serious?
This statement from a woman (a whole tribe, actually) whose ONLY claim to fame and reason for being is based on their looks and using the press to document every moment of their privileged existence. Live by the sword die by the sword, baby.

YOU wanted the press following you every second. You got it – deal with it.

The US playing ‘chicken’ with North Korea and the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize authorizing the dropping of ‘pretend’ bombs over their border  to prove what we’d really do if we get pissed enough? WTF?

 And that’s just reading the online news this morning!!

I’m headed for a drive this weekend – out to the country – with my camera.

Silence in nature and getting my heart back will be predominant features of the time away.

Sordid boon, indeed.

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