Friday, March 8, 2013

The Peeps Show

Did you know there are websites devoted exclusively to dioramas created with Peeps?
Don't worry this won't become one of them.
I don't have the talent or patience to set up whole shadowboxes with miniature props and costumes.

They DO, however, lend themselves to certain situations - and they make near perfect models - what with their inability to make any protests or move around as you fiddle with camera settings.

Playing with them is also the perfect antidote to hours spent in the afternoon helping police tell a 15 yr old that the man who shot her succeeded in killing her mother but, luckily, was killed himself before killing her 2yr old siblings, as he had threatened.

No doubt about it - - THIS was infinitely more fun!

OK... no dioramas...

but I also have no doubt, there'll be more - 
and they just may all find themselves in a book 
that certain family members 
will see in their Easter baskets!

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