Sunday, March 17, 2013


The previous post was actually just to let you know that I know from obsession!
It seems to run in the family.
Or should I say sprint?

MY bouts with the condition don't last anywhere close to 4 years!
(Actually I have to admire Art Boys stamina).

I decorate seasonally, move furniture and tchotchkes constantly, get bored after the fourth or fifth date  and, hello, work in an ER. Clearly I have a need for change - and adrenalin rushes.

All of which is to say that my recent playing with Peeps, as much fun as it is, and I can't deny that it is - will be over soon. It's taking it's final gasp now... it won't last beyond Lent!

Come on... admit it.
It's been fun, right?

I'll bet you've even thought of some YOU could do!
What are waiting for? 
Grab your camera and get to it!

I'm finishing up the series tomorrow on my way to a photography class,
so you just have to endure a few more.

I'll give you a minute to grab a Kleenex
so you can wipe away the tears.

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