Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Look behind you...

You passed it!

While royalty may have been able 
to make up their minds 
about their baby's name,
my relatives from Iowa 
haven't been
able to make that leap!

Little Miss No-Name here - 
I'm referring to her
as BeeGee
(for Baby Girl,
not the singing group!)

As a friend observed yesterday,
little do they know
this is not the hardest decision 
they'll face as parents!

It's even easier 
when you accept 
that no matter what name you come up with, 
your kid will hate it 
and spend several angst filled years
desperately wishing
she was named something else -
some name that more accurately reflected 
her 'true self'.

Try as you might,
as parents you don't get to decide
who your child truly is!

Trust me when I say,
with love,
it only gets harder from here - 
pick a name already!!

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