Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's a World Gone Mad

I have NO idea how it happened.

I’m blaming it on a weekend of 28 hours drive time combined with then sitting for 24 hours at the Pow-wow and all the blood pooling in my ass and not circulating to my brain - but, whatever the cause - it scares the bejeebers out of me.

I read an op-ed piece yesterday, found myself agreeing with nearly every point and, only then, noticing it was written by Newt Gingrich!
Holy Mary, Mother of God!!

Who would have dreamed the day would come when I agreed with anything written by the drug addled Lothario of the Republican Party.

But honestly… we’re seriously talking about heading down another freakin rabbit hole with our troops!
 We’re not even out of the last mess we got into – a decade ago – also supposedly over some mythical weapons of Mass destruction!

What is it about men and war?
How does a President who received a Noble Peace Prize get himself in the position of even thinking of inserting us into the middle of another country’s Civil War?

Totally agree – chemical warfare is an abomination.
But is it truly so much worse than drones, landmines, Uzzis, bombs and rocket launchers?
What’s the scale to use when weighing what method of killing someone crosses some line of morality? Don’t they all?

Just because we have ‘footage’ of people apparently seizing and dying doesn’t make it more compelling than stories of innocent people bleeding to death on the ground or being vaporized by a bomb.
Do we honestly think ‘combatants’ are the only ones that die in attacks during a war?
If that were true, there’d be no need for the term ‘collateral damage’.
And knowing chemicals were used says NOTHING about who’s responsible for using them?
Do we honestly think Syrian ‘rebels’ wouldn’t use them if it meant getting international press - resulting in folks being riled up and believing some line in the sand had been crossed?
I expected this nonsense and knee jerk macho response from Newts party…
I thought we were smarter.
The tables have turned.

I am NOT, at all, happy with that reality.

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