Monday, August 19, 2013

Reason # 110 WICWTR: Folie a deux

(for the uninitiated WICWTR= Why I can't wait to retire)

Folie a deux - it's not just a vineyard in California.
(Although it's an inspired name for a vineyard owned by two psychiatrists).
No, it's a recognized psychiatric disorder
in which delusions, distortions
and warped world perceptions 
are shared by two people.

Generally people who are isolated,
in constant contact with each other
and resistant to outside forces - 
like reality.

Like a father and his 8yr old son:
traveling from state to state,
(which presupposes there's a home in which to school a child); 
I'm not sure
 a tent pitched under a bridge qualifies;
basically off the grid.

A family which would have stayed off the grid
if the child hadn't started running on the highway, 
playing dodge-'em
with semis.

A child with NO sense of personal boundaries, 
appropriate behavior 
or physical danger
but a profound sense of being followed 
and tracked by the FBI. 

Dealing with him and father turned into 
an 8 hour ordeal - 
ending only when we donned tin foil hats to
block the tracking waves
and got the kiddo admitted to psych 
and father returned to his monitoring station under the bridge.
Oh, did I mention that folie a deaux
can morph into
folie a plusieurs?
(Madness of many).

For some of us, it was a short trip!

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