Saturday, November 1, 2014

All Saints Day

Someone once described saints as 
"figures from the Christian past  
whose lives have been insufficiently researched." 

 I don't need research for these folks. 
I know many, though not all, of their stories. 
(Do we ever truly know all of someones stories?) 
None of them were saints 
in the way the world thinks of saints
as being 'holier than thou'.
They had feet of clay,
lives with secrets - 
most often masking pain - 
and the same everyday struggles 
we all have.
I loved each one;
not with a 'perfect' love,
but the kind of love that
and morphs
your view of yourself
and reality
I was wounded by some, 
loved unconditionally by others
and changed by all.
Their influence in my life hasn't ceased 
simply because their breathing has.
Not a day goes by 
when they don't cross my mind;
not a week goes by 
without seeing some sign 
which reminds me 
they're still around.
I trust they're in a better realm of reality.

I pray I'll share space with them again,
when all things 
are restored to a wholeness
this world cannot provide.
I wouldn't change my relationship with any of them.

I'm grateful, 
beyond words, 
for their presence in my life.

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