Sunday, November 16, 2014

First snow

 which inspired Christmas shopping,
more Christmas gift making
and all things holiday!

The weekend found me 
making more plaster of Paris Christmas trees
in my antique chocolate molds...
 and shopping for the church staff Christmas party.

(Oh yeah - and having lunch, dinner and brunch out with friends!
Someone get me to the gym QUICK!)

I've never been afraid to be irreverent when it comes to faith
and was ecstatic to score this Jesus planter at a local antique mall -
which I then repurposed as a cocktail napkin holder.

The napkins read - 
"What a friend we have in cheeses"!
 Maybe not for everyone - 
but it will be perfect for our staff!
We Episcopalians are a quirky lot!

The snow was also a factor in my choice of this sweater motif wreath - 
purchased at Lowe's for under $20.00

 By taking decades old 'greenery' out of the basement
 and using a hot glue gun,
I gave it a completely different look!
I kinda love it - 
and have to restrain myself from hanging it outside already.

The good thing is, 
it can be on the front door 
from now until the crocuses pop up;
it's perfect all winter!
 It was a productive weekend.
I didn't necessarily get done what I thought I'd get done,
but hey, 
I'm retired;
I can do the rest any day next week!

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