Friday, November 21, 2014


Less than a week away from getting my first - and only - tattoo!
You think 65 is too old for a first anything?

ALL bodies tell stories;
some are just more visible than others.

I'm getting a shell -
on my foot -
maybe even on the top of my foot
so I can see it whenever I look down -
(yes, I know it will hurt - 
but it can't be any worse than walking 650 miles on the Camino - 
and the pain won't last near as long!):

a reminder to keep walking 'the way'!

Here are some I won't be getting!

I love my childs artwork too 

oh. there he is!

I loved doing this nursery rhyme with my kids too
but thank you, Jesus,
they never liked it THIS much!

And here's proof that 'brand loyalty'
is alive, well
and documented FOREVER!

What were they thinking?

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