Thursday, November 27, 2014

Giving Thanks

There is much for which I am thankful.

This past year has been transformational -
so it's only fitting that my body reflect 
having been changed forever as well.

I LOVE my 'Camino shell' -
knowing that whenever I look down, 
I'll see proof of the hard lessons learned 
while walking 650 miles!

Despite dire warnings about placing a tattoo on the top of my foot,
it didn't hurt nearly as much as anticipated.
(Except for when the artist occasionally hit a nerve -
and then I'd notice!)

But, hell, it didn't even hurt as much 
as a relatively good day on the Camino!
And considering it only took 30 minutes, 
it was FAR easier than childbirth!
We women can put up with almost any pain after that, right?!

I am grateful for choices - 
those offered now 
and those which may wait for me in the future.

I'm grateful that my house is fully decorated for Christmas,

so that when I return from 'up North',
I'll have nothing to do but plug in the tree - 
and enjoy!

But today,
most of all,
I'm grateful for the love of family and friends
having places to go 
where both wait for me.
May you all celebrate this day in such blessed company
with a full heart!

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